Laptop and traveling

I find technology and how it influences and changes human behavior very interesting to observe. I’ve been doing some heavy traveling lately and I noticed that I’m actually not using my laptop as much as I used to do. My laptop and me used to be tied to the hip, but nowadays I sometimes notice that I’m carrying it around but not using it. I’ve taken trips without my laptop and I felt “naked” even though in retrospect there wasn’t any reason to feel like that at all.

The main reason for this is that my smartphone has become so good that I really don’t need a laptop anymore when I’m on the go. The only reason to bring it along is for those few use cases where a bigger screen is essential like working on a spreadsheet or presentation.

Nowadays my laptop goes in the suitcase (when I’ve a carry-on) and I leave it in the hotel room more often than not. This was not a conscious decision, it just happened. It’s a testament how far mobile phones and apps have gotten. It’s impressive.