To upgrade or not

iPhone X(s) [Max]

The annual refresh of Apple’s iPhone line-up makes me think of what I think of my current iPhone – I currently use a iPhone X. Before I upgrading, I rocked a iPhone SE – the most iconic iPhone in my opinion. When I got the SE, it was also the first time I skipped a generation. I skipped the 7.

The big reason for me to get X was FaceID. TouchID never worked reliable for me on the iPhone. I think the button was too small for my fingers. I never had a touchID problem with my iPad. The screen was a good bonus.

One of things that changed is that I used to bring my iPad Mini on long trips, but since the iPhone X I don’t do that anymore. Apparently the screen is big enough. It’s interesting to notice subtle changes in behavior when dealing with technology.

I do still use my iPad Mini for reading (Economist / Kindle). I’ve tried it a few times on the iPhone X, but the screen is too small. Maybe the Max is big enough?

This is also the first iPhone I use with case. The X is very slippery and fragile. It looked worse after 4 months than my iPhone SE after 2 years. It feels like it is designed to be used with a case. I don’t like how the case changes the look and feel of the phone, but without it I would’ve destroyed it by now. This has never happened to me before, but it kept falling off my couch or out of my pocket.

I really like wireless charging, it’s the only thing I use now. It’s nice not to fiddle with cables anymore. I also like that it gives the phone a specific place.

I still think the iPhone X is too big and heavy to carry around all the time, but that’s just me. I’m a Macbook, iPhone SE and iPad Mini type of person, it’s not where the world is heading – I’ll adapt.

Sitting here, writing this post, I was trying to think of a single feature I liked about the S, but I can’t come up with a single feature besides the obligatory processor and camera upgrades. I think the Max was the big feature this cycle.

I won’t be upgrading this time around.

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