Nintendo Switch

If I had to nominate the best gadget I bought in 2018, it’s the Nintendo Switch. I love it because it’s a mobile game console. I really dig the ability to sit and play anywhere whether it’s a plane or on the couch at home. Even though you can, I never ever hook it up to my TV.

In the past I’ve owned many consoles like the original Xbox and Xbox 360. I’ve a Playstation 4 gathering dust in a drawer. I love games and especially in college a played a lot – mostly on my desktop PC. Even though I owned plenty of consoles, it never felt right to play on a TV. There’s something intimate about sitting close the screen like you do with PC gaming and a computer monitor. Once upon a time, I even had the luxury of a game room with a dedicated setup with a 360 and a TV. It never felt right to me though.

The Nintendo Switch replicates that experience in a mobile package. Now I can play console-level games anywhere I want. The iPhone has great games as well and can do that too, but the controls are often lacking. It feels too much like a gimmick than anything else.

The game line-up is also excellent. In the past Nintendo’s games were brightly colored platformers and sports games. Now with the Switch they’ve triple-A first-person shooters like DOOM and Wolfenstein in their line up. That was what made me buy the Switch. I can’t stop playing, it’s brilliant.