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Ipad Pro

One of the things Apple and I seem to agree on in life is that the iPad is the mobile computing future. The portability and battery life are superb and the dual-use case of a tablet with a keyboard is super useful on the go. I’ve been trying to use the iPad to use as my primary “laptop” on the go for a couple of years on and off. My ideal computing setup would be a Mac Mini on my desks and an iPad for in between. The Verge review of the iPad Pro kind of hit the nail on its head though. IOS is just too cumbersome to use as a full-blown computer. The touch interface is not there yet. It feels unnatural even after prolonged use and I really tried using it. Window switching of multiple applications feels slow even on the newest edition iPad and the side-by-side opening of two apps is just plain awkward. In general, I don’t care that many apps are not as mature as they are on the desktop like they do over at The Verge. In most cases, they are good enough for working on the go. My experience is that I’m only working at 60% productivity level when using an iPad. It works but it’s frustrating.

I’m intrigued though every time there’s a major upgrade to the iPad line. I was even considering getting the new iPad Pro 11″ with a keyboard folio and pen. Then I realized I’d be paying $1257 for that package and decided it’s not worth that kind of money.

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