Cool thing of the week

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles in Baikonur

People who know me, know that I’ve a fascination for abandoned structures from the past. This stretches from the pyramids in Egypt – which I still have to visit – to old factory buildings in the Midwest. I find it fascinating to see how we lived in the past and what we did. It’s sometimes hard to imagine how it was like to live 100 years or more ago. It’s also about technology and how we deployed that technology to build and construct.

This week I came across this video from last year where a group of people go to see the abandoned Russian space shuttles in Baikonur Kazakhstan. They were left there unfinished after the discontinuation of the program. It’s not a museum and the hangar is located on an active military base. It’s fascinating.

Some parts of the video they speak Dutch, so I recommend switching on the subtitles.

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