A post-apocalyptic wasteland

Chernobyl exclusion zone

Over 32 years ago, the #4 reactor at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant broke down. The steam explosion exposed the reactor core and the resulting fire contaminated a large area. I can remember that for weeks the daily news in The Netherlands mentioned the radiation levels in my country. Many vegetables were no longer available in supermarkets because of it.

But that was nothing compared to the extent of disaster around the plant. Ultimately, an exclusion zone of 19 miles around the plant was erected. For 32 years, this area which contains towns and villages has been abandoned and turned into a post-apocalyptic world.

Even though the area is closed for the public, there are guided “educational” tours available.

People had to leave in a hurry and leave everything behind. It’s an eerie reminder of how dangerous nuclear power generation can be.


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