Out with the old, in with the new

Hello 2019!

To celebrate the new year, I’ve updated the look of my website. I hope you approve. The goal was to give it a little bit more personality and better organization of content. I hope I succeeded in that.

I made the WordPress theme from scratch using the basic template generated with underscores.me. Since it’s GPL-licensed, you can find this theme on Github. Buyer beware though, it’s custom-made for my own blog. You’re mileage my vary but use it as you like.

I also upgraded to WordPress 5 and deprecated a lot of plugins.
I’m still working through the topicization of hundreds of older posts so the topic dropdown isn’t complete nor does it show every post. It’s a fun thing to do but slow going.

I’ve been maintaining a personal site since 2001 – first on schouwenburg.nl and later move it schouwenburg.com. It’s fun to go over to the wayback machine and see it change over time. It used to be personal photos and recipes. I call it the pre-Facebook-era. It became a blog in 2010 and went to WordPress. Before that it was Typo3 and even earlier hand-crafted HTML. We’ve come a long way since then.

Let me know if you find anything which broke!

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