The birth of video games

Retro gaming: Pong

This is the very first video game, I’ve ever played. I was around 6 or 7 years old when my dad brought it home. I think he bought it from a co-worker and thought it would be fun for me. He was right of course although I think he was as much into it as I was. The great thing was that it was multi-player and we could play it together.

Pong was one of the first arcade video games and released in 1972 by Atari. First as an arcade game and later in 1975 as a home console. It’s safe to say that Pong presents the birth of gaming and the game console.

It’s a two-dimensional table tennis game. You moved the paddles by turn a knob or – in the later – probably knock-off – version I had – a slider up and down. The objective is to get to eleven points and you get a point each time your opponent fails to return the ball. It made satisfying beeps every time you hit the ball with your paddle.

I couldn’t find the original online, but Atari released it as part of a bundle for the Gameboy Advance.


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  • Start = ENTER
  • A = A
  • Move paddle = UP/DOWN

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