Less flat, slightly elevated

Site update 1.1

One of the fun things you can do when you run your own blog is that you update your theme. I’m a big fan of tinkering to improve quality over time. Over the weekend, I made a couple of changes because I wasn’t completely happy with the initial redesign. The problem is that I’m personally not a fan of flat UIs. I think it looks boring after a while and since I’m user #1 of my own blog, I decided to add some subtle gradients and box-shadows.

I’m also experimenting with accompanying my posts with a photo. To make featured photos as first-class citizen, I added proper support for “Featured Images” (standard WordPress feature).

The other change is that I made the text wider. I think it’s easier to read.

Right now, there’s one thing I’m unhappy about it and that’s the story recommendations accompanying each post. That’s next on the todo list.

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