The original puzzle-platformer

Retro gaming: Lemmings

I think this was one of the earliest puzzle games I played on my PC. It is one of those games you can play for hours to get that past that one level. Lemmings did not have the best graphics or sound, but the gameplay was phenomenal.

The objective of the game is to bring the Lemmings home. You must assign certain tasks to particular lemmings to accomplish that. Each level has a set of assigned tasks which you can use. These vary from digging to guarding. Lemmings by default will just walk in one direction until they encounter a wall or guard. If the platform ends, they will just fall to their deaths. Sometimes you can give them little umbrellas to overcome that.

Here is a complete walkthrough. It takes 6 hours and 15 minutes to complete the game.

You can try yourself by clicking the button below. Enjoy!


  • SHIFT = Select
  • ENTER = Start (and Pause)
  • Arrow keys = move cross hairs to select a Lemming
  • A + S = toggle through tasks
  • Q + E = move viewport
  • Z = assign task to Lemming in cross hairs

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