Music while you work

Headphones and personal area stereo

I came across this post Personal Area Stereo by Dave Thomas via Uses This. He starts off with: “I like listening to music while working. But I don’t like wearing headphones—after a while, they start feeling claustrophobic.”

That’s me! I have the same thing. I feel headphones are claustrophobic when I am working. The directness of the sound right in my ear begins to irritate me after a short while – often as little as 15 minutes.

I do use headphones a lot. I love to don a pair when I am trekking through the city or when I am on a plane. In those cases, it is a way to protect me from all the noise in the city or plane. Sometimes, I like listening to music and sit on the couch with my headphones on. But the music takes precedence and I am not doing anything else.

But when I am working, I prefer to use speakers. Unfortunately often not an option to have a personal area stereo in today’s office setups. I will settle for background music.

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