Writing a simple Wordpress plugin

Customized RSS feed for WordPress

A couple of months ago, I used IFTTT to auto-tweet my posts to a Twitter account. It’s been working well, but I wanted to add the subtitles and tags to the tweets. By default, WordPress’ RSS feeds do not contain those.

This meant I had to write my own. How hard it can it be? It wasn’t. While looking around on how to accomplish that, I came past the post “Creating customer RSS feeds – the right way”. I agree with the author that most tutorials on customizing RSS feeds for WordPress are really terrible and lead to code duplication and maintenance issues in the future. The right way is to do it with a plugin which uses the existing RSS feed code of WordPress to accomplish the customizations you need.

I also never wrote a WordPress plugin and this looked a fun way to learn the basics.

It took me less than an hour from start to finish. I put the code in a Github repository. It is really straightforward.

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