UX comes in small packages

When I stay in Las Vegas, I usually book the same hotel. I like this hotel. It’s just off the strip and has no casino. It’s more quiet and I like it that way. The elevator button panel though drives me nuts though. It takes too many brain cycles to select the right button. Here’s […]

Innovation is a process, not a strategy

3M and Google’s product incubation processes

Yesterday, I was attending a presentation by Steve Cadigan about the changing dynamic in employment hiring and retention. During his presentation, he mentioned the 3M model for product innovation. They allow their staff to spent 15% of their time on their own pet projects. There’s a process for asking for seed money to get new […]

Hotel Wifi

It’s interesting how hotel wifi used to be a major thing in my life when traveling and today it isn’t. Yesterday, I traveled to Vegas for a conference. I would not be able to tell you if the wifi in my hotel is free or any good. This used to be such a big deal. […]

Tech wars

When Titans Fight

Apple, Google and Amazon are the most valuable companies in the world and they’re fighting to each other. Unfortunately it’s the consumer who loses in this fight. A few examples: Apple’s products are not officially available on Amazon Same applies to many of Google’s products The Nest skill on Amazon Alexa is a joke You […]

Favorite IOS12 feature: AutoFill passwords from 1Password

The ability to drive AutoFill passwords in IOS12 from 1Password (or any other password manager) is easily my favorite feature of the new IOS release. The ritual of copy & pasting usernames and passwords from the 1Password app into Safari is now reduced to a button click and a FaceID confirmation. It’s seamless, easy and […]

Oh hello Kounotori!

Yesterday, I was working from home. My eye fell on my live ISS camera feed and I saw this – apologies for the bad photo quality, I only had my iPad Mini on hand: The Japanese supply ship Kounotori has arrived with fresh supplies for ISS. It launched last Sunday and it took 4.5 days […]

Prince – Piano & A Microphone

Last week a new album of Prince called “Piano & A Microphone 1983” was posthumously released. It was a recently discovered tape made in his home studio. It’s pure Prince without backing or editing. It’s really great. When I got the news that Prince passed away, I realized that I hadn’t listened to any of […]

Honey, I broke the internet!

I’ve been an adblocker since early 2000s. I did it for three reasons: – Reduce cognitive load of the web – ads are meant to grab your attention but distract you from the actual content – Speed up browsing – ads slows down page loading significantly. – Privacy and tracking prevention Early on adblocking didn’t […]

Browser Fingerprinting

Yesterday, I was reading an excellent review by Ars Technica on Mojave. One of the new features which stood out to me is the new fingerprinting protection in Safari 12. In the article a few sites are mentioned to test your browser and I tried them all out: Browserprint Am I unique? Panopticlick by EFF […]

HD Earth Viewing System (HDEV) at Home

On April 30th, 2014 the HD Earth Viewing System was installed on the ISS. It consists of four cameras pointed at the earth. The goal of the experiment is to test the longevity of off-the-shelf commercial video cameras in space. The views are absolutely breathtaking. When I came across it back, I was absolutely mesmerized […]