The post-finishing waste land

When you show a 3D printed product to someone who has not seen a 3D printed piece before, there is significant chance that the conversation will be about the material. And that is not surprising. 3D printed pieces look rough, show “printing lines”, and feel different than regular materials.

Smart factories

The major opportunity of 3D printing / on-demand manufacturing is the ability to produce in series of one. But current manufacturing is setup for large series and to support series of one, it is necessary to change how factories operate.

The mono culture of 3D printing

There is a tendency with 3D printing to print a whole product as a single continuous product. But in real-life products are not a single part and there are good reasons for that. The requirements for individual parts are different. No single material is able to match all of the required properties — especially in the limited offering of materials available for 3D printing.