A new file format for 3D printing

ASTM is developing a new universal 3D printing file format to replace the defacto standard STL. The effort was headed up by Hod Lipson. The new file format offers much more options and control to specify attributes for 3D printing of 3D models.

Blank Canvas Syndrome and Co-Creation

Blank canvas syndrome (BCS) is similar to what blank page syndrome is for writers — also called writer’s block. You do not know where to start. You have the tools or skills but there is no idea, no creativity. If you ask people what they would like to draw with 3D drawing software they have no idea. The blank canvas is staring in their face.

Why would you want a 3D printer at home?

Most technologies start out as very specialized and very expensive niche products and become mainstream after a decade or so. Computers, air conditioning and microwaves all started out as business technologies and are now standard household equipment. Will the same thing happen with 3D printing?