Innovation is a process, not a strategy

3M and Google’s product incubation processes

Yesterday, I was attending a presentation by Steve Cadigan about the changing dynamic in employment hiring and retention. During his presentation, he mentioned the 3M model for product innovation. They allow their staff to spent 15% of their time on their own pet projects. There’s a process for asking for seed money to get new […]

Tech wars

When Titans Fight

Apple, Google and Amazon are the most valuable companies in the world and they’re fighting to each other. Unfortunately it’s the consumer who loses in this fight. A few examples: Apple’s products are not officially available on Amazon Same applies to many of Google’s products The Nest skill on Amazon Alexa is a joke You […]

Staff composition is an important driver

Median pay of S&P500 companies

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on median pay of S&P 500 companies which contains a few of the tech giants.

Focusing on the human side of business

Jeff Bezos interview

Excellent interview of Jeff Bezos by Axel Springer talking about how to deal with criticism, regulatory scrutiny, work-life balance and philanthropy.

​Social Media Use in 2018 – PEW Research

PEW Research issued a report on social media use by Americans.Nothing really new under the sun this report, usage is same for the major players and up for the runner ups. They didn't research anything about usage in this report, but I bet the usage has changed significantly over the last few years. I think people create less and more passively consume. In line with we stopped referring to them as social networks but social media - something to passively consume, created by a select group of actors.

History says yes

Disrupting Facebook and Google

NYMag poses the question if Facebook and Google be disrupted? The writer argues that both have self-enforcing network-of-networks which makes it much harder up to impossible to disrupt them - harder than Facebook overtaking MySpace and Google overtaking AltaVista. The answer is yes and no.

Market saturation on a different scale

Peak attention

We've reached peak attention on the internet. Time spent online is not significantly growing anymore. The internet has generated 4 champions (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) who together dominate for the most part how you spent your time online. These companies are now at their peak and they have the momentum to buy, absorb or change their tactics to fend off any competitor. 

Apps are winning! No wait! The browser is winning!

Web vs native apps

The big promise of web 2.0 was that eventually all applications would run inside a web browser and that native apps would go away. This was in early 2000s. We’ve come a long way since then. Mobile hardware and networks significantly faster today. Web technologies have matured as well. Can web apps take over native?

Future platforms

The major platforms emerging at the end of 20th century were computers and the internet. Both are approaching maturity levels. Each platform created new champions. Let's explore a bit on possible future platforms and what they could be.

Amazon’s platform for products

In 2002, Jeff Bezos send around the following within Amazon. He realized that Amazon needed to be a platform to be grow and scale. He did not use the term Service Orientated Architecture, he did not care, he just wanted to move Amazon as a company in a certain direction. AWS was born out of this.