Holograms you can feel

I came across this awesome technology I wanted to share it here. It was first demonstrated on Siggraph this year. Japanese scientist have created a new technology to add touch to holograms.

Professor Hiroyuki Shinoda of Tokyo University says: “Up until now, holography has been for the eyes only, and if you’d try to touch it, your hand would go right through. But now we have a technology that also adds the sensation of touch to holograms.”

They use ultrasonic waves to create pressure when the hologram is touched. Although the current state of this technology is very embryonic I can imagine how this can be useful as extension for websites. Just think about touch and feeling a product before you buy it. Or as an extension to 3D television and movies to create a much more immersive experience.

Here is the video:

I am all excited about this and cannot wait to see (touch) this for myself.