Add a headphone jack to your iPhone

Someone did it

Add a headphone jack to your iPhone

I am a sucker for breaking convention and not taking “impossible” as an answer. Scotty Allen of Strange [...]

“Hmmmm, I am not sure”

Annual smart speaker IQ test

LoupVentures put out their annual smart speaker IQ test. They tested Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Microsoft Invoke (Cortana). Each system was asked 800 questions on a variety of topics and areas. Here are the results: And here are the results over time – they’ve been doing this test for 4 years now: […]

New toy

Oculus Go

Four times a year, I treat myself with a “toy”. Usually, at this time of the year, it would’ve been a new iPhone, but this year I got myself an Oculus Go. It was on sale on Cyber Monday and I’ve been eyeing it for a while. Yesterday it got delivered. My first impressions are […]

Not all laptop users are created equal

Ipad Pro ad & mom

Apple is running ads for the iPad Pro called “5 reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer”. I wish that was true. I wrote about it before, but what I didn’t write about was that my mom uses her iPad Pro just like that. Her old Windows computer was dying after 7 years and […]

Wow! It’s expensive!

Ipad Pro

One of the things Apple and I seem to agree on in life is that the iPad is the mobile computing future. The portability and battery life are superb and the dual-use case of a tablet with a keyboard is super useful on the go. I’ve been trying to use the iPad to use as […]

Life hacks

Charging drawer

One of the life hacks I enjoy every day, is my charging drawer. It may sound silly, but I really enjoy it. I used to have devices on chargers lying around everywhere, it was just a mess. My charging drawer contains every cable I ever need to charge all my devices. It gives them a […]

Best gadget of 2018

Nintendo Switch

If I had to nominate the best gadget I bought in 2018, it’s the Nintendo Switch. I love it because it’s a mobile game console. I really dig the ability to sit and play anywhere whether it’s a plane or on the couch at home. Even though you can, I never ever hook it up […]

Voice interfaces are here to stay


Last month, Nielsen published a piece of research on the use of voice recognition systems. Below an overview of most common use cases: I use my three Alexa’s in a similar way except perhaps listening to music. Mostly because I prefer proper old-school stereo speakers. My main use case though is not on this list […]

Favorite IOS12 feature: AutoFill passwords from 1Password

The ability to drive AutoFill passwords in IOS12 from 1Password (or any other password manager) is easily my favorite feature of the new IOS release. The ritual of copy & pasting usernames and passwords from the 1Password app into Safari is now reduced to a button click and a FaceID confirmation. It’s seamless, easy and […]