Inbox zero vs inbox infinity

Email bankruptcy is no excuse

Inbox zero vs inbox infinity

An article from the Atlantic was making the rounds this week. It makes a case for letting go of inbox zero and just [...]

Sorry, I’m not eating at home tonight

Subscriptions for consumables are impossibly hard

I’ve been following the IPO and the performance of Blue Apron closely. Innately I don’t believe in subscription models for consumables. In my mind, there’s too much hassle in “managing” the subscription. Life is not predictable and small changes (“Sorry, I won’t be able to make dinner tonight”) ruin the rhythm of incoming products. Amazon […]

Less choice is often better

FOBO & Amazon

Every now and then, I’m searching for something on Amazon and end up not buying. The problem is that I get overwhelmed with choices and end up with option paralysis. In other words, a serious bout of fear of better options (FOBO). Yesterday, I was looking for a long outdoor extension cord. Amazon has 14 […]

A story of goodbye


I’ve been an Evernote user since 2010. I’ve been a paying customer for as long as I can remember and I’ve literally thousands of notes in Evernote, but last month I had to renew and I decided not to. Evernote has been drifting for a while and leadership turnover has been high. It clearly shows […]

When IT is in the way at corporates

The most prevalent excuse I’ve heard in the last 5 years not to do a deal, project or product is because corporate IT isn’t able to support it (in a timely manner). Still today, I hear this excuse often and this is where corporates start to loose. You’ve to be able to be agile and […]