Companies struggle with this and understandably so

Who decides what is wrong or right?

The last few weeks, this has been on my mind a lot. Who decides what is wrong or right? I have no answer to that question, but this has been on my mind: Companies have norms like no pornographic content. They ban the content and actively moderate for it. But how about social norms? I […]

Sign of the times

Lack of nuance

In today’s world, there’s a serious lack of nuance. And I wonder where it came from? There’s no nuance in politics, religion, work, or anything really. The problem is that lack of nuance kills debate and sharing of ideas. Lack of nuance makes it impossible to change your mind or leave the door open to […]
Everything iterates to lowest denominator

Universal law of wide adoption

Everything iterates to lowest denominator

Last night, I was pondering a little bit on the social network post of yesterday. One of the interesting aspects is [...]
A second brain

My love affair with unstructured notes and documents

A second brain

I am a simpleton with regard to productivity software. I just use notes and documents. I have tried many smart todo [...]
Inbox zero vs inbox infinity

Email bankruptcy is no excuse

Inbox zero vs inbox infinity

An article from the Atlantic was making the rounds this week. It makes a case for letting go of inbox zero and just [...]

Sorry, I’m not eating at home tonight

Subscriptions for consumables are impossibly hard

I’ve been following the IPO and the performance of Blue Apron closely. Innately I don’t believe in subscription models for consumables. In my mind, there’s too much hassle in “managing” the subscription. Life is not predictable and small changes (“Sorry, I won’t be able to make dinner tonight”) ruin the rhythm of incoming products. Amazon […]

Less choice is often better

FOBO & Amazon

Every now and then, I’m searching for something on Amazon and end up not buying. The problem is that I get overwhelmed with choices and end up with option paralysis. In other words, a serious bout of fear of better options (FOBO). Yesterday, I was looking for a long outdoor extension cord. Amazon has 14 […]

It should never be a valid excuse

When IT is in the way at corporates

The most prevalent excuse I’ve heard in the last 5 years not to do a deal, project or product is because corporate IT isn’t able to support it (in a timely manner). Still today, I hear this excuse often and this is where corporates start to loose. You’ve to be able to be agile and […]