Sign of the times

Lack of nuance

In today’s world, there’s a serious lack of nuance. And I wonder where it came from? There’s no nuance in politics, religion, work, or anything really. The problem is that lack of nuance kills debate and sharing of ideas. Lack of nuance makes it impossible to change your mind or leave the door open to counter-arguments. Lack of nuance isolates you with your own arguments and you stop learning.

Maybe it’s because the tone of media changed, with the internet they’ve to create “click-baity” headlines to attract attention or take a firm stance to be taken seriously. Or maybe the media changed because of it.

The world is reduced to black and white blurbs, much like how president Trump likes to communicate. They’re just blurbs concatenated together.

Lack of nuance is definitely a trait of the young. It used to be a sign of lack of maturity, but now it is the new normal.

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