Playing it safe

Apple is getting old

It was this tweet from Howard Lindzon which kind of inspired me to write this: Tim Cook hate pretty high in my streams (I won’t judge the demo) but he’s doing what he knows … he’s a low risk person $aapl — Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) March 25, 2019 This is something which pops in my […]

Defensive moves

Apple’s media push

Apple’s media push is very interesting – not the products, but their execution. Why is Apple doing this? Nothing screamed category-defining product, more like a me-too. Apple Music is the same. It is clear Apple’s goal is to further vertically integrate with media. Besides from a couple of extra news subscriptions, they were already getting […]

Natural evolution of gaming on the internet

Streaming games, Stadia and cloud gaming

Last week, Google announced Stadia to the world. In essence, streaming gaming is coming. Streaming gaming is nothing new and has been working on for a few years. The biggest hurdles were broadband speeds and processing cost. It was inevitable we would overcome either of those. It was more a question of when. Nvidia has […]

Reducing virality, increase privacy and trust

Platform shift in social networking

The other day, Ben Evans wrote a post “Microsoft, Facebook, trust and privacy” on the parallels between Microsoft’s virus problem and Facebook’s viral toxic campaigns problem. It is worth a read. As usual, Ben makes very astute observations and sound conclusions. But let’s read between the lines a little: – The impact of using viruses […]

C’mon we can do better than this!

Warren’s plan to break up tech companies

Everyone and their mom have written about Senator Warren’s plan to break-up tech. She certainly hit the right button to get attention. I do feel that the whole thing is one-sided and presents a very limited view of the world around us. It reminded me a little of the stop BEZOS Act of Senator Sanders. […]

Is it even possible?

Facebook and privacy

You can say whatever you want about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, if you read his last memo “a privacy-focused vision for social networking” you could deduce he got the message. I found it particularly interesting that he links privacy not only with keeping information private but also with reducing the reach and breadth of the […]
Checks and balances on new products

What is here today might not be there tomorrow

Checks and balances on new products

Yesterday, the Jibo robot shut down permanently. It was marketed as a social robot, I never owned one, but it kind [...]
Top 15 global brands ranking from 2000 to 2018

Nothing is set in stone

Top 15 global brands ranking from 2000 to 2018

The video below (via @freakonometrics) shows rankings of the top 15 global brands over the years. It is super [...]
Companies rule the world

Apple’s ecosystem economy is the size of a large country

Companies rule the world

Last week, there was a lot of hoopla around Facebook and Google running market research apps on Apple’s [...]

A short film about a world dominated by computers


Recently, Keiichi Matsuda released another short film on a future dominated by computers and algorithms. Like in [...]