Playing it safe

Apple is getting old

It was this tweet from Howard Lindzon which kind of inspired me to write this:

This is something which pops in my mind whenever I see an Apple announcement; Apple is getting old. It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just is.

With getting old, I mean that Apple has become mainstream. I mean with that, that everything Apple does nowadays is to come closer or maintain its mainstream position. It is not changing the world, it is trying to maintain the status quo.

I have a few reasons for that:

Apple’s design language is safe to the point of boring. I personally call it Volkswagen design, I am sure there is a better – or even established – term for it. Volkswagen designs cars which nobody hates nor nobody really likes. The design is a safe choice. It is good and solid design, but super safe. Apple’s design language is very similar. Everything looks and feels the same. Nobody will take offense.

The Apple Watch is really a mom and dad product. It is also how they market it. The main focus is on health. They can detect heart problems and falling – both problems or worries of the middle-aged and up.

Apple’s media push brings forward people like Oprah and promises family entertainment. Again, it is very safe. I guess we do not see a Californication reboot on Apple TV Plus.

Apple is a reflection of its leadership. Tim Cook comes across to me as a solid, grounded, hard-working and reliable person, but also older and seasoned. Tim Cook acts more like a good-natured grandfather than a dad, let alone resembling a friend. Apple is changing into his image.

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