There is only today

Live like a child

When I spend time with my kids, I realize they have something we all lost as an adult and that’s to embrace life to fullest and live in the moment.

For a kid, the day ends when they go to bed. They’re excited to wake up and realize there is a whole new day. Young kids do not even understand the concept of next week. Next week does not exist nor even does tomorrow. There is only today.

They live in the present and they do not care about tomorrow. It is not important to them. Even if they know something exciting is going to happen tomorrow, they are still more than content to be excited about what is going on right now. That is only what counts for them.

Along the way, as we grow up, most of us lose that ability. There are bills to pay, there is a job to go to. There are errands to run. We run from moment to moment, but if we are not careful we are not really experiencing them. They become lists of tasks captured in a todo list.

Kids do not have a todo list except when we give it to them. Kids just know what they want right now.

When I am really spending time with my kids, I am reminded that the secret to enjoying life is to just live in the moment and let tomorrow be tomorrow.

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