Attention and awareness are not the same things


Yesterday, I remarked that is funny how the brain works.

I am that person who judges when I go to a hotel and the alarm clock next to the bed is off. Usually, because they suffered a power outage or we passed daylight saving. It makes me wonder when the last time the room was cleaned and how well.

Recently that happened when the car battery got changed in my car and the dealer forgot to set the time. It is not a big deal, but I do judge. I wonder what else did they not check before declaring the problem fixed?

I am also the person who adjusts your painting when it hangs crooked. I won’t judge, but I will adjust it. I’ll probably won’t even tell you, I just do it. I can’t help myself.

At the same time, I can’t write a piece of text without forgetting (in)definite articles or pronouns in various places. My brain works faster than I can type. Even when I proofread the text, I still miss some of them. I use Grammarly to help me.

One time someone wanted to prove to me that I am not as detail orientated as I think I am. He asked, “what is the color of the building you work at?”. I had no idea.

It is funny how the mind works.

Attention and awareness are not the same things and they do not work the same way for everybody.

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