Less is more

Skipping the news cycle

Yesterday, The New Yorker published an article called “The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News“. The author argues the case for his want of a slower, more in-depth news. He writes: Media outlets have been reduced to fighting over a shrinking share of our attention online; as Facebook, Google, and other tech platforms have come […]
Living without stuff for a month

It changed me forever

Living without stuff for a month

The other day, I was reading Albert’s post Freedom from Wanting and it reminded me of the time we moved to [...]
Virtual money

The new normal for generation Z

Virtual money

My 9-year old son asked me this weekend if we could go to the toy store. I asked him why. He told me that he wanted [...]
Social media justice

Dystopian futures

Social media justice

The other day, I was watching The Orville on Hulu – great show. You could describe it as a funny Star Trek [...]
Holland != Netherlands and that’s fine

It’s complicated

Holland != Netherlands and that’s fine

The Netherlands is a tiny country with only 17 million people. Most people in the US would not even be able to [...]
Alternative to Facebook

You could just use a mailinglist

Alternative to Facebook

I’ve written about this topic before, but we lost something powerful when social networks turned into social [...]

Making it easier to follow a lot of blogs

Djoomba: a simple RSS feed aggregator

A while ago, I built Djoomba. It’s a hobby project to solve my own problem. I was looking for a simple RSS feed aggregator to follow a bunch of blogs. I wanted something which just presented the articles on a roll like Techmeme and I couldn’t find anything I liked. I’ve been using it for […]

Personal pet peeve

Ghosting is rude

When did it become ok to just drop out of a (email|text) conversation and stop participating? Even mid-conversation? It’s one of those things which really bother me. I get, you don’t respond to unsolicited sales communications, but the other day I got introduced to someone by an investor. The person responded 6 minutes after the […]

Like your home, it’s better not shared

Own your blog

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Medium that Medium is not a great place to blog. And kind of like Blogger, Medium is a terrible thing for publishing. If you think about publishing an article, starting a blog or even just sharing a short rant on Medium, please consider what you’ll be putting your […]

Nobody gets it right

Conference calls

There are a few product categories which see constant new entrants, but never gets solved. Note taking apps is a good example. Same goes for calendar or email apps. Today, I wanted to talk about conference calls. Another category with constant new entrants. Yesterday, I had a atrocious conference call on Google Hangouts. The sound […]