Like your home, it’s better not shared

Own your blog

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Medium that Medium is not a great place to blog.

And kind of like Blogger, Medium is a terrible thing for publishing. If you think about publishing an article, starting a blog or even just sharing a short rant on Medium, please consider what you’ll be putting your readers through.

It’s true that the experience on Medium lately is quite awful. They’re employing all the social media tactics to get people to signup.

I’ve given up on Medium for another reason though.

I tried Medium for a while and even migrated my whole blog to their platform when they introduced domain support. But after a while, I decided to go back to my own hosted WordPress site.

Regardless of the UX, my problem with platforms in general is that they foster champions. Similar to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’re just there to experience content from someone else. 100% of their views are generated by 1% of their users. The rest of us is just there to consume (and watch ads). Your own content is irrelevant. It’s a sane strategy from a business perspective, but it isn’t so great if you’re just there to share your own content and are not part of the upper echelon of creators.

I want to own my own content.

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