Digital archive and tags

Classification is more flexible than folder organization

Digital archive and tags

There used to be a time I meticulously kept a contact list, but nowadays when I need to reach someone I spoke with [...]

We’re not all the same

Personalized product ratings

Nowadays everything is rated. Products are rated on Amazon, TV is rated on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, venues are rated on Yelp and Google Maps and even our cab driver has a rating. Often though I feel like the ratings do not reflect my personal experience. It makes me pause when I look at ratings in […]

Ad revenue isn’t really a lot

Would you pay 2 cents to read an article?

I’ve been using ad blocking for a long time. I wrote about that in an earlier post. I do realize that media companies need revenue and journalists need to be paid. I was wondering how a page view actually brings in revenue-wise and found this interesting analysis. If you do the numbers, a page view […]

A potential future for retailing

Showrooms vs retail

Yesterday, we were driving past a big Toys’R’Us sign. My partner remarked it’s interesting that these signs are still up and she was wondering what is going to happen to these retail locations. They’re gigantic locations and not easy to fill. As far as I know, the only stores who are increasing their retail locations […]

Copy. Download. Live Forever.

Download a human

I do not believe in a Star Trekian future. Seriously I do not think it is a plausible future that we space travel as humans beyond our solar system. I think even Mars is quite a stretch.Instead I think it makes much more sense to download our human brain into a computer and send that computer instead.