We’re not all the same

Personalized product ratings

Nowadays everything is rated. Products are rated on Amazon, TV is rated on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, venues are rated on Yelp and Google Maps and even our cab driver has a rating.

Often though I feel like the ratings do not reflect my personal experience. It makes me pause when I look at ratings in general. Can I trust them? Do they reflect how I would feel about it? Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole and actually read the reviews left by people and then I get even more confused.

To give you a few examples. I look at the 4-star rating of the Amazon Show, but I would not give the product more than 2 stars. Or with IMDB, sometimes I love a movie which has 3 stars and sometimes I dislike one which has 5-stars.

Ratings are great and helpful but only to a point. It’s very much a filter bubble of the audience of the platform and not necessarily a good reflection of your or my personal taste.

I wish that ratings could be personalized to my own expectations of a product.

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