Thesis: open source becomes new type of industry standard

Accelerating innovation

Thesis: open source becomes new type of industry standard

The most successful and widespread technologies in the physical sense are industry standards like wifi and usb. [...]

Lowering the barrier of entry

Openness drives innovation

Yesterday, someone asked why I’m so much in favor of open systems. In his opinion much of the value was created through closed systems. And he’s right, you know. But many of these closed systems can exist and scale because of open systems. Just imagine the following: You can create a shopping site and reach […]

Corporate-driven open source communities

Slow communities, fast companies

I wrote this when the news came out that Microsoft was adopting Chromium for their new browser. I’m always fascinated by how groups of people organize themselves to get things done. There are many types of organizations, but here I would like to focus on companies and communities. Everyone understands what I mean with companies, […]

Throwing in the towel

Microsoft’s change to a Chromium-based browser is a major win for open source

Last week, the news came out that Microsoft is replacing their web browser Edge with a chromium-based version. This is excellent news for open source. Chromium is an open source project headed up by Google but is used by myriad companies and projects like Electron and Opera. Open source makes more efficient software development possible. […]

First they laughed then they fought and now they joined

Open Source has come a long way

Remember there was a time Microsoft called Linux and the GPL license cancer? Mainstream technology media would write large editorials on how GPL could “infect” your software and how you should manage (read avoid) that. It was all so ridiculous. Microsoft obviously fight back. Any company whose business model is attacked does that. It’s more […]