Writing a simple Wordpress plugin

Customized RSS feed for WordPress

A couple of months ago, I used IFTTT to auto-tweet my posts to a Twitter account. It’s been working well, but I wanted to add the subtitles and tags to the tweets. By default, WordPress’ RSS feeds do not contain those. This meant I had to write my own. How hard it can it be? […]

100,000 words

6-month streak

It’s interesting how sometimes things just coincide. I wasn’t really planning on writing this post, but in the last couple of days I passed a few personal milestones for my blog: 6-month daily posting streak 300 posts total 100,000 words written It was that last one that gave me pause. A hundred thousand words. That’s […]
Auto-tweet new posts from WordPress

Less options than you would think

Auto-tweet new posts from WordPress

I wanted to auto-tweet my new posts on a faux-pas Twitter account. I wanted to try it out as an alternative to an [...]
Site update 1.1

Less flat, slightly elevated

Site update 1.1

One of the fun things you can do when you run your own blog is that you update your theme. I’m a big fan of [...]

Out with the old, in with the new

Hello 2019!

To celebrate the new year, I’ve updated the look of my website. I hope you approve. The goal was to give it a little bit more personality and better organization of content. I hope I succeeded in that. I made the WordPress theme from scratch using the basic template generated with underscores.me. Since it’s GPL-licensed, […]

How to write engaging stories

Pixar Story Rules (one version) [2012]

This is from 2012 and has been written about many times on the internet, but I came across it recently for the first time. As someone who likes to write but has no particular talent in that, I do find it fascinating how writers think and write. Here’s a summary of the rules of story telling by Emma Coats (Story Artist at Pixar at the time, now at Google)