Is that outside or on TV?

Real sound

I’m an audiophile and I tend to spend more money than most people on audio equipment. Although, there are plenty people out there who spent more in the pursuit to true sound reproduction. I like to be more practical. It does mean I typically adorn the family room with larger speakers, but I don’t have surround nor a subwoofer – it isn’t that bad.

The idea is to create real sound or a realistic reproduction of the music or TV soundtrack. Neutral sound is the name of the game. You don’t want to impress with lots of bass or overly bright vocals. Ideally, the speakers vanish and you just hear sound. This doesn’t always work out because most sound is mixed for soundbars and non-insulating earbuds, but that’s a topic for a different post. If the sound mix is done right, it sounds amazing.

Funny thing is that it sometimes sounds so real, people coming over get confused about if the sound is real or not. Especially on TV when the sound mix is done right, background sound can become indistinguishable from real or not. Think about a dog barking, a door closing or an ambulance siren in the background. I always chuckle when that happens.

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