A love letter


Dearest Path, I was in shock when you told you were leaving me. It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve yet come to grips with it. Time heals all wounds and I know it’ll become easier over time. Today, I say goodbye with a heavy heart. You’ve been an integral part of my life for […]

She has an identity crisis

Confused Alexa

I’ve 3 echo’s around the house, but I’ve a love and hate relationship with Alexa. I love it because I can bark orders and she’ll obey diligently by turning on or off the lights or telling me about the weather. She’s reasonably smart but for instance, recently she couldn’t tell me how many Dalai Lama’s […]

Laptop and traveling

I find technology and how it influences and changes human behavior very interesting to observe. I’ve been doing some heavy traveling lately and I noticed that I’m actually not using my laptop as much as I used to do. My laptop and me used to be tied to the hip, but nowadays I sometimes notice […]

10,000ft captchas

Every time I use Gogo inflight, I’m puzzled by their use of captchas. Are hackers bored enough on flights to try to circumvent their authentication system? There are gazillion other and more consumer-friendly ways to solve that problem like introducing progressive increasing cool-off periods after failed login attempts. They even let you solve a captchas […]

Marketeers’ relentness efforts for your attention

Notification spam

One of my pet peeves is notification spam. Yesterday, I got one from Apple TV reminding me to watch a baseball game. I don’t watch baseball and never watched a game on TV in my life. I’ve no idea what prompted Apple to send me that, but I immediately disabled notifications from the TV app. […]

UX comes in small packages

When I stay in Las Vegas, I usually book the same hotel. I like this hotel. It’s just off the strip and has no casino. It’s more quiet and I like it that way. The elevator button panel though drives me nuts though. It takes too many brain cycles to select the right button. Here’s […]

HD Earth Viewing System (HDEV) at Home

On April 30th, 2014 the HD Earth Viewing System was installed on the ISS. It consists of four cameras pointed at the earth. The goal of the experiment is to test the longevity of off-the-shelf commercial video cameras in space. The views are absolutely breathtaking. When I came across it back, I was absolutely mesmerized […]

Sunday Morning Ritual

My favorite cherished Sunday morning ritual is reading PostSecret with a coffee. Wherever I am, it’s a small moment of peace and contemplation. I can hide from “the world” for a few minutes. What I like about PostSecret, is that it puts me in touch with my own feelings. They’re little jolts of empathy and […]

Do not disturb

I came across this article dumber phone and it expresses well how I feel about my computing devices today: "Smartphones are useful, but they are also incredibly addictive, and that addiction is at the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s effort to grab an ever increasing percentage of our minds. In that a substance or behavior controls us, it becomes our master, and that just won’t do."

Bye Medium and Squarespace

Back to the future – hello WordPress

After a journey of a few years to Medium and then Squarespace, my blog is back on a self-hosted Wordpress site. I've been blogging for a decade and hosting my own website for two. Here's the story.