One of my favorite holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish everyone out there a happy thanksgiving. I am thankful I have a great partner in life, my two boys and the rest of my family and friends, that I’ve been given the opportunity to work on great companies and to live in this incredible world. As an import American, I’m new to the […]

Personal pet peeve

Ghosting is rude

When did it become ok to just drop out of a (email|text) conversation and stop participating? Even mid-conversation? It’s one of those things which really bother me. I get, you don’t respond to unsolicited sales communications, but the other day I got introduced to someone by an investor. The person responded 6 minutes after the […]

Like your home, it’s better not shared

Own your blog

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Medium that Medium is not a great place to blog. And kind of like Blogger, Medium is a terrible thing for publishing. If you think about publishing an article, starting a blog or even just sharing a short rant on Medium, please consider what you’ll be putting your […]

Little gift to myself

New art pieces

I just got these new two pieces and I’m super happy with them. They’re called “THE STRUCTUROID N°02” and “THE STRUCTUROID N°03” and made by Slavomir Zombek. I bought the art pieces online and they were shipped straight from the artist to me. The frames are by Frame It Easy – a new favorite of […]

Often things are by happenstance

Origin of rdschouw

Most platforms use email nowadays as your username. There are some notable exceptions like Twitter and Instagram. I like usernames better than email and real names for public personas. The idea you can craft your own identity and not necessarily use your own name, create a lot of opportunity. Finstas are a good example of […]

It’s not hard at all

Replacing an iPhone battery myself

After a somewhat unsatisfying experience with scheduling an appointment at the Apple Store to get the battery replaced of my iPhone SE, I decided to try myself. I guess the Apple Geniuses are still overwhelmed with replacing phone batteries and keyboards. I ordered a kit from iFixIt. It’s only $20. It came in two boxes. […]

Ungoogling my life

Apple Maps

As part of un-googling my life, I’ve been using Apple Maps lately. When Apple Maps came out back in 2012, it wasn’t very good. Actually, it was quite an embarrassment for Apple. It routinely sent people to the wrong place, not great for a map and navigation app. Apple was forced though by Google because […]

Save me time, save you time

Customer service call back

Yesterday, I was on the phone with IKEA about a delivery. The customer service agent was courteous and nice, but my problem required her to call the store and then a delivery company. All in all, I was on hold for 21 minutes. She came back a few times to “check up” on me while […]

It’s in the water

Vacation feeling

I’ve been in the US for 8 years now and still whenever I take a shower, I get a vacation feeling. Weird right? I can tell you, it’s in the water. Water in the New York City area has a major similarity with water of the European nations of the south. Like many Europeans, I […]

Nobody gets it right

Conference calls

There are a few product categories which see constant new entrants, but never gets solved. Note taking apps is a good example. Same goes for calendar or email apps. Today, I wanted to talk about conference calls. Another category with constant new entrants. Yesterday, I had a atrocious conference call on Google Hangouts. The sound […]