Personal pet peeve

Ghosting is rude

When did it become ok to just drop out of a (email|text) conversation and stop participating? Even mid-conversation?

It’s one of those things which really bother me. I get, you don’t respond to unsolicited sales communications, but the other day I got introduced to someone by an investor. The person responded 6 minutes after the intro and asked me how my Tuesday looked like. I responded and then… silence. I followed up, but no response.

Now I wonder? Did the person die? Are they in a hospital? I know they’re probably just fine, maybe busy, maybe they’ve a cold – it happens.

I just don’t support the idea that it’s ok to drop off mid-conversation. I understand people are overwhelmed by the amount of communication which is initiated with them, but apparently, you’re failing at it if you can’t handle it.

Somehow it feels like “Oh look, there’s a new shiny thing!” and a short attention span problem. If you’re not on their mind, you’re not going to get a response. It’s weird. I don’t like it, I find it rude.

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