Toeing the line

Apple app store antitrust case with SCOTUS

Today, SCOTUS will start hearings on a lawsuit brought against Apple’s practices to limit distribution of apps to their IOS devices and leaving the only option to distribute through Apple with a 30% surcharge. I’ve written in the past that Apple’s walled garden is going to be problematic for them in the long run. With […]

The internet is not nearly done

Let’s do everything else

This morning, I watched a presentation by A16Z’s top analyst Benedict Evans titled “The end of the beginning”. I always enjoy his analysis and this one is no exception. Using market sizes Ben extrapolates that we’re just scratching the surface on disrupting global industries – we’re maybe at 5-10% of leveraging software and the internet […]

Let me annoy you for a second

Every website in 2018

The video in the tweet below sums it up. It’s a mess again. The pop-ups, pop-overs and pop-unders are back! Now implemented in CSS. Every website in 2018 — Daryl Ginn (@darylginn) October 20, 2018

The platforms of the many turn into platforms of the few

Local stardom

One of the most interesting trends of the internet in the last decade, is what I like to call local stardom. Not everyone is the same on the internet and it is caused by algorithms. I call it local stardom. The amount of content we need to consume is so vast, we use algorithms to […]

Slow disruption

When was the last time you visited your bank?

Sometimes disruption happens fast and is very visible like the introduction of the smartphone. Other times it happens very slowly. I came across this article that HSBC put a cute robot in their flagship (who knew that’s a thing for banks?) branch on Manhattan. Obviously the idea is to increase foot traffic. It’s a good […]

We love to be entertained

Smartphones: The Dark Side

The BBC made this great documentary called “Smartphones: The Dark Side”. Obviously the smartphone and its apps are made to draw you in and entice you to spend more time on them. The ecosystem financial rewards are driven by you using it. It’s pretty much the same reasoning we used to have about TV. The […]

Facebook “unbundled”

Around two years ago, I deleted all my social media apps and just visit through their websites. I stopped posting or otherwise engaging with any of them. This also changed my visiting behavior. I settled for once per week for Facebook and Instagram and just use Twitter and LinkedIn when I want to look up […]

Innovation is a process, not a strategy

3M and Google’s product incubation processes

Yesterday, I was attending a presentation by Steve Cadigan about the changing dynamic in employment hiring and retention. During his presentation, he mentioned the 3M model for product innovation. They allow their staff to spent 15% of their time on their own pet projects. There’s a process for asking for seed money to get new […]

Tech wars

When Titans Fight

Apple, Google and Amazon are the most valuable companies in the world and they’re fighting to each other. Unfortunately it’s the consumer who loses in this fight. A few examples: Apple’s products are not officially available on Amazon Same applies to many of Google’s products The Nest skill on Amazon Alexa is a joke You […]

Staff composition is an important driver

Median pay of S&P500 companies

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on median pay of S&P 500 companies which contains a few of the tech giants.