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Smartphones: The Dark Side

The BBC made this great documentary called “Smartphones: The Dark Side”. Obviously the smartphone and its apps are made to draw you in and entice you to spend more time on them. The ecosystem financial rewards are driven by you using it. It’s pretty much the same reasoning we used to have about TV. The […]

Tech wars

When Titans Fight

Apple, Google and Amazon are the most valuable companies in the world and they’re fighting to each other. Unfortunately it’s the consumer who loses in this fight. A few examples: Apple’s products are not officially available on Amazon Same applies to many of Google’s products The Nest skill on Amazon Alexa is a joke You […]

Market saturation on a different scale

Peak attention

We've reached peak attention on the internet. Time spent online is not significantly growing anymore. The internet has generated 4 champions (Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon) who together dominate for the most part how you spent your time online. These companies are now at their peak and they have the momentum to buy, absorb or change their tactics to fend off any competitor. 

Future platforms

The major platforms emerging at the end of 20th century were computers and the internet. Both are approaching maturity levels. Each platform created new champions. Let's explore a bit on possible future platforms and what they could be.

Amazon’s platform for products

In 2002, Jeff Bezos send around the following within Amazon. He realized that Amazon needed to be a platform to be grow and scale. He did not use the term Service Orientated Architecture, he did not care, he just wanted to move Amazon as a company in a certain direction. AWS was born out of this.

Nokia Microsoft marriage is the end of Nokia’s handheld business

Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership today. Together they will form a smartphone alliance. The high end profitable market of Nokia smart phones is moving to the Windows mobile platform. Nokia will move the Symbian platform which they used exclusively up until now to power the mid and low range models. The effect of this […]

10,000 connections for each of our 10 billion brain cells

Why AI is hard

Artificial intelligence was one of the first buzzwords I can remember from the previous century. It promised a future with intelligent computers or devices which could understand you and act autonomously.Up until now we still do not use AI-enabled devices in our daily life. Why is that?