Keep your eye on the prize

The path is never straight

One of the things, I’ve learned with running startups is that the path to any strategic goal is never straight. It looks good on paper, but in reality, there was always bumps on the road or setbacks on the negative side and creative solutions and new insights on the positive side.
If you’re too rigid in your execution, setbacks and bumps are problems and delay your execution while you’re blind to potential interesting and novel solutions to problems.
I always try to keep an open mind and be flexible on execution while keeping my eye on the target. We should always try to move forward and come closer to the overall goal, but rarely you walk down the path you set out for yourself and that’s ok.
With this mindset, there’s even value to be found in setbacks. You learn from them and you adapt. The problems you never go away, but with an open mind you can change tacks and get to your goal regardless. It’s less exhausting too.

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