Hotel Wifi

It’s interesting how hotel wifi used to be a major thing in my life when traveling and today it isn’t. Yesterday, I traveled to Vegas for a conference. I would not be able to tell you if the wifi in my hotel is free or any good. This used to be such a big deal.

In the not-so-distant past, whenever I booked a hotel the quality of the wifi was a huge decision factor. I would troll the hotel reviews for clues of its quality. In general, paid wifi was better than free. Free wifi meant no internet between 6pm and midnight. Paid wifi was often such a bore because you had to pay per device and you had to decide which devices you wanted to bring online.

Today, I don’t care. I use my phone and T-Mobile – my provider – is pretty reliable in urban areas. My other devices just connect to my hotspot. I don’t even bother with hotel wifi anymore.

It’s interesting how fast that changed.

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