Growing a Christmas tree takes 5 years or more

Artificial Christmas tree & tradition

Yesterday, we did the yearly “pilgrimage” to Wyckoffs Christmas Trees farm with a group of friends. It’s a tradition. You get to select your own tree, cut it down yourself and bring it over to the packing station. It’s super busy and there’s even a crowd tailgating – I know, it was only 32F out.

The day includes visits to other local Christmas destinations including a bakery, pizzeria and a brewery. It’s a fun day.

Plus everyone gets a Christmas tree – except us.

There’s something about cutting down a tree and put it inside to die which upsets me. It takes 3 – 7 years – depending on size and tree type – to grow the Christmas tree and then we kill it in 4-5 weeks. I just can’t get over that. It’s a personal thing – I’m ok with everyone else doing it. For that reason though, we’ve a fake tree for many years now and I love it.

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