My wish for 2019


I wanted to write something today on 2019, but I think predicting on the long term is just shooting with hail. Predict a lot of things and you might get it right. Short-term predictions are easier, but also less useful. It’s shooting at an empty goal is we like to say in Dutch.

It got me thinking about what do I wish for 2019. Immediately the word tolerance came up. We live in a world of echo chambers, filter bubbles, and intolerance. I’m fortunate though that I’ve quite some people around me nowadays who I would label as not being in my bubble and it’s insightful.

Society today is becoming more intolerant towards opposing views and it’s hampering dialog. I always like to think that everyone is right in their own way and sometimes people are confused. It’s a fact of life.

With all the information today at our fingertips, we use it to divide ourselves more instead of bringing people together.

I see people stereotype others for their beliefs. I hear people judge people based on their opinions.

But worse still I see forbidden subjects in conversation. God forbid you might find out that someone is from the “other side”. It could ruin friendships or working relationships.

But without dialog and mutual understanding, we won’t come together or closer. It’s counterproductive. I think you see this nowhere more clearly than in US politics. It’s dysfunctional regardless of which aisle you look at it.

Great leaders bring people together. We need more of those.

So there you have it. My wish for 2019, a more tolerant and compassionate world.

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