The most well-known game in the world

Retro gaming: Pac-Man

I think that Pac-Man is one of the most iconic games ever made. Who doesn’t know Pac-Man?

This was one of my arcade favorites too.

Pac-Man was designed to be never-ending but unfortunately due to a bug level 256 becomes corrupted and is impossible to finish. To get to level 255 while collecting all the bonus fruits is called a perfect play. Several people have shown this to be possible. The record for completion is 3h 28m which is insane if you ask me.

Here’s a video of someone doing it in 5h 25m to get to the perfect score of 3,333,360.

Google’s Pac-Man Doodle to commemorate Pac-Man’s 30th birthday was estimated to be played by 1 billion people.

Of course, you can play it online. I chose Ms. Pac-Man since the original wasn’t available. It was the sequel to Pac-Man.


  • only works in desktop browsers
  • Shift = insert coin
  • Enter = start
  • Arrow keys = move

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