A warning sign in an organization

Company or office politics are poison

A big threat to any company culture is politics. Be wary of an organization which is run by politics. I’ve seen too many times in my life and it is really a good indicator of problems down the road whether it is in your own organization, with a major supplier or a major customer.

Politics typically creep up when management does not really have a clear mission for the company. Politics is about power and more specifically about consolidating power. It is a necessity when you need an organization marching without clear marching orders or direction.

I see office politics as similar to bullying in high school. Both are about power and controlling groups of people. Both need to be dealt with in the same way, it is unacceptable behavior.

When the executive team is endorsing and managing through politics, there is not so much you can do except accept it or move on. But often you notice political behavior in middle management or cross-management positions when new people come on board filling those positions. It is learned behavior and it can be unlearned. It requires vigilance and zero-tolerance policy to stamp it out as soon as possible.

Company or office politics have no place in a well functioning healthy company culture. Stay away or change it.

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