Cymbidium orchid


My Cymbidium orchid started to bloom. This is the first time since I bought it over 18 months ago. I got it at the orchid show at the New York botanical gardens. I’m super excited I got it to bloom again.

Please, take all my money!

Retro gaming: After Burner II

When I was around 13 or 14, they had this arcade in my town which I loved visiting and spend some money. My absolute favorite game was After Burner II. They had this deluxe cabinet with a moving seat and stick control with triggers. It was quite the contraption. Here’s a photo: I spent a […]

Until something better comes along

Replacing Path with a finsta

A couple of months ago, Path – the social network – was shut down. I guess it was inevitable, but it left me without a social network to share. Facebook isn’t a social network anymore and beyond them, there isn’t much else. Except maybe Instagram. A month ago, I setup a private finsta account. I […]

New toy

Oculus Go

Four times a year, I treat myself with a “toy”. Usually, at this time of the year, it would’ve been a new iPhone, but this year I got myself an Oculus Go. It was on sale on Cyber Monday and I’ve been eyeing it for a while. Yesterday it got delivered. My first impressions are […]


That time we broke the internet back in 1994

When I was college a long time ago, we once broke the internet and made headlines worldwide for a day. I was a member of the computer club of the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands called Stack. It still exists in some form today. At the club, we ran a multitude of servers. These servers […]

I donated, you should too

Wikipedia fundraiser

Wikimedia is running their yearly fundraiser. I donate every year. Wikipedia is one of my favorite internet projects and I use it often. I’m grateful for all the work all the writers and editors put in and I’m in awe of what they created together collectively. My donation is my way of giving thanks and recognize their […]

Toeing the line

Apple app store antitrust case with SCOTUS

Today, SCOTUS will start hearings on a lawsuit brought against Apple’s practices to limit distribution of apps to their IOS devices and leaving the only option to distribute through Apple with a 30% surcharge. I’ve written in the past that Apple’s walled garden is going to be problematic for them in the long run. With […]

Growing a Christmas tree takes 5 years or more

Artificial Christmas tree & tradition

Yesterday, we did the yearly “pilgrimage” to Wyckoffs Christmas Trees farm with a group of friends. It’s a tradition. You get to select your own tree, cut it down yourself and bring it over to the packing station. It’s super busy and there’s even a crowd tailgating – I know, it was only 32F out. […]

Past favorite

Retro gaming: Bubble Bobble

I love to play games I grew up with. I’ve a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, but there are also the upcoming Sony Playstation Classic and Nintendo Classic from last year. You don’t need all of them though. Many games are available right here in your browser which is pretty cool. One of my favorites is […]

Making it easier to follow a lot of blogs

Djoomba: a simple RSS feed aggregator

A while ago, I built Djoomba. It’s a hobby project to solve my own problem. I was looking for a simple RSS feed aggregator to follow a bunch of blogs. I wanted something which just presented the articles on a roll like Techmeme and I couldn’t find anything I liked. I’ve been using it for […]