Cold emails

Yesterday, Hunter Walk wrote about cold emails and that they can be better than a luke warm email. It reminded something a friend told me a while ago. We were talking about cold emails from various SaaS companies offering their services. I told him I routinely just deleted them. He had a different strategy. He always responded in a nice way and told him he wasn’t interested. He said the response was always positive and they actually went away. Moreover it saved him dealing with the endless follow-up emails.

I took notice and decided to try it out. And you know what? It actually works. Nowadays, when you sent me a cold email, I always respond. Somehow, I actually have the feeling it reduces my incoming cold emails in total. I guess that sharing you’re not interested and have a good reason updates some “magical” sales database letting others know that a particular type of service is not relevant for me or my company.

Of course there are exceptions where they can’t take no for an answer and then I click “spam” and Gmail auto-filters them for me in the future.

And yes – of course – sometimes I respond positively and want to learn more.

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