It’s not hard at all

Replacing an iPhone battery myself

After a somewhat unsatisfying experience with scheduling an appointment at the Apple Store to get the battery replaced of my iPhone SE, I decided to try myself. I guess the Apple Geniuses are still overwhelmed with replacing phone batteries and keyboards. I ordered a kit from iFixIt. It’s only $20.

It came in two boxes. One contained the battery and the other tools. The packaging was really nice. I was impressed.

Using their guide I was able to take out the battery and replace it with a new one in 45 minutes. The hardest part was getting the battery out (steps 25 through 29). I even had to bring in a hairdryer to heat up the back of the phone to loosen up the adhesive strips holding down the battery. The other hard part was putting back the tiny bracket holding down the home button cable (step 10). All in all it wasn’t that hard.

The scariest part though is when you pull out the display from the chassis using a suction handle. It requires some significant pulling to get it off while making sure you’re not overextending it to avoid breaking the still attached home cable.

All in all, I’m pleased. It took me less time than driving and forth to the Apple store. It also kind of fulfilling I did it myself.

✅ Apple repair technician

Here’s the video:

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