Pirated 3D Models

Some people ask me what keeps me up at night. One of the answers is Intellectual Property and personal fabrication. At the moment we get about one DMCA Content Notice Take Down request a week at Shapeways.

Design meta language

One of the problems in 3D design is that 3D models file formats do not — or to a limited extend — capture any design intent. The technical requirements for manufacturing a part or product are hard to extract from a design let alone the functional requirements. We need a better way to capture them.

Who invented 3D printing?

That is an excellent question. Multiple people invented 3D printing technology around the same time. Some articles on the internet state that Chuck Hull was the inventor of 3D printing. I did some research on the patents in this area and here are my findings.

Blank Canvas Syndrome and Co-Creation

Blank canvas syndrome (BCS) is similar to what blank page syndrome is for writers — also called writer’s block. You do not know where to start. You have the tools or skills but there is no idea, no creativity. If you ask people what they would like to draw with 3D drawing software they have no idea. The blank canvas is staring in their face.