Playing it safe

Apple is getting old

It was this tweet from Howard Lindzon which kind of inspired me to write this: Tim Cook hate pretty high in my streams (I won’t judge the demo) but he’s doing what he knows … he’s a low risk person $aapl — Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon) March 25, 2019 This is something which pops in my […]

Amazing hobbies people have

Boeing 737 home built simulator

A while ago, I came across a post from Clement Stals where writes on setting up the displays for his home built cockpit. He built a Boeing 737 flight deck simulator and created a whole site on how to do it. I went down a rabbit hole and a search on Youtube confirms he is […]
Retro gaming: TETЯIS

Addictive puzzle game

Retro gaming: TETЯIS

Tetris was the first addictive simple puzzle game. I played it on my Commodore 128 (in C64 compatibility mode). It [...]

Looking in the mirror

Forty Five

It’s my 45th birthday today. I am spending it with my kids and my parents in The Netherlands. Funny thing is that I do not feel any different than I was 25. When I look in the mirror, I look older. But inside, I feel not a year beyond 25. Of course, I have learned […]

Where did all the angels go?

The changed landscape of early stage funding

While raising funding for my new company ENZO, it is interesting to notice how the early stage startup funding landscape has changed in the last few years. Since the last time raised funding, all the rounds have shifted. What used to be series A is now seed funding. We call the original seed preseed now. […]

100,000 words

6-month streak

It’s interesting how sometimes things just coincide. I wasn’t really planning on writing this post, but in the last couple of days I passed a few personal milestones for my blog: 6-month daily posting streak 300 posts total 100,000 words written It was that last one that gave me pause. A hundred thousand words. That’s […]

Defensive moves

Apple’s media push

Apple’s media push is very interesting – not the products, but their execution. Why is Apple doing this? Nothing screamed category-defining product, more like a me-too. Apple Music is the same. It is clear Apple’s goal is to further vertically integrate with media. Besides from a couple of extra news subscriptions, they were already getting […]

Natural evolution of gaming on the internet

Streaming games, Stadia and cloud gaming

Last week, Google announced Stadia to the world. In essence, streaming gaming is coming. Streaming gaming is nothing new and has been working on for a few years. The biggest hurdles were broadband speeds and processing cost. It was inevitable we would overcome either of those. It was more a question of when. Nvidia has […]

Back to the future

Remastering old TV shows to 4K using neural networks

We all know the examples in movies and TV shows, where they take a low resolution photo or video footage and then use some magical software to uncover tiny hidden details. Here’s an example from CSI: But is there are some truth to that? Here’s a great post from Geoffrey Litt where he explores using […]
Retro gaming: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega’s hit franchise

Retro gaming: Sonic the Hedgehog

This week’s game is Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s one of Sega’s most recognizable characters and shows up in many of [...]