Amazon’s streamer is perfect travel companion

Bring your own (Fire) TV

Last week, we were on holiday at North Captiva Island in Florida. We rented a lovely house right on the beach and got to enjoy beautiful sunsets, dolphins, manatees and a bald eagle from our deck. One of the things I always bring on trips for the last couple of years is my Amazon Fire […]

Less is more

Skipping the news cycle

Yesterday, The New Yorker published an article called “The Urgent Quest for Slower, Better News“. The author argues the case for his want of a slower, more in-depth news. He writes: Media outlets have been reduced to fighting over a shrinking share of our attention online; as Facebook, Google, and other tech platforms have come […]

Work hours and productivity have limited correlation

Work-life balance at a startup

One of the most interesting things I’ve encountered when moving to NYC and running a company there is the long hours people tend to work while not being 100% productive. It is pretty normal to take a “long” lunch and go for a haircut. People manage their private affairs like doctor’s appointments while at work. […]

A warning sign in an organization

Company or office politics are poison

A big threat to any company culture is politics. Be wary of an organization which is run by politics. I’ve seen too many times in my life and it is really a good indicator of problems down the road whether it is in your own organization, with a major supplier or a major customer. Politics […]

April 1st and yet inspiring

Amazon’s drone releasing blimp mothership

I think this just looks awesome: This video made by Zozi (sorry, proper Twitter video embeds are not possible) and released on Twitter. More background info on Snopes.
Retro games: Commander Keen

The birth of id Software

Retro games: Commander Keen

Commander Keen is one of those game-changing games. It was the first game on MS-DOS / IBM PC which featured two-way [...]

Hedging against telcos

Broadband internet over satellite

Yesterday, the news came out that Amazon is planning to launch a constellation of low-earth satellites to provide broadband connectivity. There are a number of companies working on this including SpaceX’s Starlink and Facebook. Google is doing something with Loon – their balloon project. The reasoning is to bring broadband internet to the underserved market. […]

Data ownership is the way to go

Privacy for the sake of privacy

Yesterday, I came across Keith Axline’s post “Privacy Is Just the First Step, the Goal Is Data Ownership“. I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of data ownership. I think we should elevate data ownership as a fundamental human right and take it from there. This tidbit caught my attention: Privacy for privacy’s sake is a […]

Writing a simple Wordpress plugin

Customized RSS feed for WordPress

A couple of months ago, I used IFTTT to auto-tweet my posts to a Twitter account. It’s been working well, but I wanted to add the subtitles and tags to the tweets. By default, WordPress’ RSS feeds do not contain those. This meant I had to write my own. How hard it can it be? […]

There is only today

Live like a child

When I spend time with my kids, I realize they have something we all lost as an adult and that’s to embrace life to fullest and live in the moment. For a kid, the day ends when they go to bed. They’re excited to wake up and realize there is a whole new day. Young […]