Do you use dark mode?

Things I wonder #poll

Do you use dark mode?

Everyone is offering dark mode now. It’s built into Windows and MacOS. You can get it on Android and simulate [...]

Challenging the status quo

What if a subway works like an airline?

To get on the subway, you would book a seat in advance. You pay extra to sit close to the door. When the day of travel comes, you open the subway app and click on a button to “confirm” you will be actually taking that seat you paid for. Diligently the app reminds you to […]

Maybe it is just me

I dread calling companies

I dread calling companies. It is not about customer service agents. I am always polite, patient and understanding. I make it a point to treat them as valuable people, just like how I liked to be treated. This is not what I want to talk about. No, my problem is that helpdesks are still organized […]
iPad Mini


iPad Mini

Apple surprised me with an update to the iPad mini. It was rumored that an updated version would be released this [...]

Companies struggle with this and understandably so

Who decides what is wrong or right?

The last few weeks, this has been on my mind a lot. Who decides what is wrong or right? I have no answer to that question, but this has been on my mind: Companies have norms like no pornographic content. They ban the content and actively moderate for it. But how about social norms? I […]
Endless unique ambient music

Bot composing, no AI involved

Endless unique ambient music offers several endless dynamically generated ambient music streams. When you play one of the streams, [...]

World’s most valuable company is joining the bandwagon of spreading misinformation

Apple’s weird rebuttal to Spotify’s EU complaint

Apple published a press release to defend their position with regard to Spotify’s complaint to the EU about the App Store practices. The narrative in this press release is…. questionable. Let’s go through it: At its core, the App Store is a safe, secure platform where users can have faith in the apps they discover […]
Retro gaming: Lode Runner

Early example of in-game level-editor

Retro gaming: Lode Runner

Lode Runner is a highly addictive puzzle game. I wasted so many hours playing this game on my Commodore 128. An [...]

Reducing virality, increase privacy and trust

Platform shift in social networking

The other day, Ben Evans wrote a post “Microsoft, Facebook, trust and privacy” on the parallels between Microsoft’s virus problem and Facebook’s viral toxic campaigns problem. It is worth a read. As usual, Ben makes very astute observations and sound conclusions. But let’s read between the lines a little: – The impact of using viruses […]
Living without stuff for a month

It changed me forever

Living without stuff for a month

The other day, I was reading Albert’s post Freedom from Wanting and it reminded me of the time we moved to [...]