Explore ISS

Street view of the space station

Explore ISS

I’ve a fascination with the ISS and I just discovered that Google Maps has a custom street view of the ISS. [...]

Displays are the next big shift in tech

Looking Glass 3D display

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in July, Looking Glass has started shipping their 3D display and people have been posting little videos of the things they’re trying. It’s super creative and fun to watch. Here are a couple of videos: I’m a big believer that the next big shift will result from display technology. Some […]

A post-apocalyptic wasteland

Chernobyl exclusion zone

Over 32 years ago, the #4 reactor at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant broke down. The steam explosion exposed the reactor core and the resulting fire contaminated a large area. I can remember that for weeks the daily news in The Netherlands mentioned the radiation levels in my country. Many vegetables were no longer available in […]

Cool thing of the week

Pearl palace

Like last week, let’s take a look at the an abondoned site. It’s an abandoned palace in Iran. This palace was  designed by William Wesley Peters – son-in-law of Frank Lloyd Wright and his protege – of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It has all the characteristics of what you can imagine of a mid-century Frank Lloyd Wright […]

Cool thing of the week

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles in Baikonur

People who know me, know that I’ve a fascination for abandoned structures from the past. This stretches from the pyramids in Egypt – which I still have to visit – to old factory buildings in the Midwest. I find it fascinating to see how we lived in the past and what we did. It’s sometimes […]