A classic before millenials were even born

Retro gaming: Galaga

I love this game – both in the arcade as on the Commodore 128. On the Commodore, it was called Galaxy. I guess it was a clone of this Namco/Midway game. It was a faithful one though because the sequences were the same. I still remember all the sequences from level 1 through 12 and […]

College timewaster

Retro gaming: Duke Nukem 3D

This was one of the favorite multi-player games in college. We played this is so many times. Besides the great fun playing the game, it had these funny quotes (spoke by Jon St. John). For instance this one – it still cracks me up: The gameplay held up pretty well given it is over 20 […]

Please, take all my money!

Retro gaming: After Burner II

When I was around 13 or 14, they had this arcade in my town which I loved visiting and spend some money. My absolute favorite game was After Burner II. They had this deluxe cabinet with a moving seat and stick control with triggers. It was quite the contraption. Here’s a photo: I spent a […]

Past favorite

Retro gaming: Bubble Bobble

I love to play games I grew up with. I’ve a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie, but there are also the upcoming Sony Playstation Classic and Nintendo Classic from last year. You don’t need all of them though. Many games are available right here in your browser which is pretty cool. One of my favorites is […]

Best gadget of 2018

Nintendo Switch

If I had to nominate the best gadget I bought in 2018, it’s the Nintendo Switch. I love it because it’s a mobile game console. I really dig the ability to sit and play anywhere whether it’s a plane or on the couch at home. Even though you can, I never ever hook it up […]