Retro gaming: Pac-Man

The most well-known game in the world

Retro gaming: Pac-Man

I think that Pac-Man is one of the most iconic games ever made. Who doesn’t know Pac-Man? This was one of my [...]
Retro gaming: Boulder Dash

Find those diamonds

Retro gaming: Boulder Dash

Many hours I played Boulder Dash on my Commodore 128. It’s a puzzle game and the objective is to collect all [...]
Retro gaming: Test Drive

Drive drive drive

Retro gaming: Test Drive

Test Drive was the first real racing game I used to play on my Commodore 128. You race on streets against either an [...]
Retro gaming: DOOM (1993)

Gaming was never the same

Retro gaming: DOOM (1993)

This is my favorite post to write every week. Initially, I wanted to post this series on Fridays but it turned out [...]

The birth of video games

Retro gaming: Pong

This is the very first video game, I’ve ever played. I was around 6 or 7 years old when my dad brought it home. I think he bought it from a co-worker and thought it would be fun for me. He was right of course although I think he was as much into it as […]

The birth of vertical scrolling

Retro gaming: 1942

I played 1942 a lot on my Commodore 128. It’s a variation of Galaga but in a WW2 setting. It also came with a vertical scrolling background which was a new experience in 1984 when this game was released. The objective is to defeat the Japanese air force and reach Tokyo with your Lockheed P-28 […]

Another arcade favorite of mine

Retro gaming: Out Run

Same as After Burner, I wasted a lot of coins on this game in the arcade. Out Run a simple driving game. You drive a Ferrari Testarossa and the objective is to stay on the road and avoid hitting other traffic while beating the clock to get to the next stage. It was that time […]

Nintendo Switch is not a Playstation 4

Impossible port of Wolfenstein 2 to Switch

As you know, I’m a big big fan of the Nintendo Switch. If you ever wondered – like me – how it’s possible to port console games to the Nintendo, the following video is great. DigitalFoundry made excellent analysis of the differences in Wolfenstein 2 on the different platforms. I just finished Wolfenstein 2. I […]

A classic before millenials were even born

Retro gaming: Galaga

I love this game – both in the arcade as on the Commodore 128. On the Commodore, it was called Galaxy. I guess it was a clone of this Namco/Midway game. It was a faithful one though because the sequences were the same. I still remember all the sequences from level 1 through 12 and […]

College timewaster

Retro gaming: Duke Nukem 3D

This was one of the favorite multi-player games in college. We played this is so many times. Besides the great fun playing the game, it had these funny quotes (spoke by Jon St. John). For instance this one – it still cracks me up: The gameplay held up pretty well given it is over 20 […]